www.Getkansasbenefits.gov - Kansas Unemployment Benefits Service Online

A resident of Kansas and get laid off recently? Don't worry! You can go online the website www.Getkansasbenefits.gov to apply for your unemployment benefits before you find a new job.

What information do you need to file a unemployment insurance claim?

• Your Social Security number
• Full mailing address, including apartment or lot number, Zip Code and PO Box if you use one
• A phone number where you can be reached during the day
• The name and mailing address of all your employers in the past 18 months, no matter how long you worked there. Note: Your paycheck stub or W–2 form usually contains this information
• The date you began and stopped working for each employer and the reason you left each job
• The county in which you live
• Your driver's license number
• If you are not a citizen or national of the United States, your employment authorization number and expiration date
• If you were in the military during the past two years, your DD-214, Copy No. 4
• If you were a federal employee, your Standard Form SF-50 or pay stub

How to apply for your benefits:

Go to GetKansasBenefits.com and click on the "First time filing" link  to file an online application for unemployment insurance. Your application is not complete until you reach the "Claimant Determination."

The online service is available:

Sunday from noon to Monday at 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday thru Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

You can also call following phone numbers to apply for your benefits:

Kansas City Area........(913) 596-3500
Topeka Area.............. (785) 575-1460
Wichita Area...............(316) 383-9947

Toll-free number, if you live outside the local calling area: (800) 292-6333

On this site, you can also file your weekly claim for benefits, Check the status of your claim, check your payment information, change your personal information, and more.

Quick Links:

File a Weekly Claim - Select this option to file a claim for unemployment benefits for every week that you remain unemployed.

Get Claim Status - Get information about: status of your weekly claim, date payment was issued, amount of your three last payments, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs about unemployment insurance.


  1. 1st Thing is people need a number to contact a live person. 2nd If your center is so short staffed you need to hire more people. Trying to get in contact with your center is unacceptable. There is no way all the numbers on your websit should be busy or unable to contact a unemployment rep.The state needs to fix this problem to better assist people in need of help!

  2. i cant understand why this process has to be complicated. Its hard enough to get a hold of a real person and when you do they have no info. I spend more time burning up cell phone minutes trying to get thru to you which increases my phone bill which is the one bill i have to pay so that potenial employers might reach me. come on guys give me a break!!!!!!!!

  3. i understand the high rate of unemployment. BUT this crazy. There are no citi banks where i live and the most i have been able to get at an ATM was $250 and then charged $2.50.Why is a bailout bank handeling this? NO im not giving the gov. access to my checking or savings account it seems to me we have been under DICTATORSHIP for the past 8 yrs. wheres the change? I hope all CEO, corprate gurus and politicians get the opportunity to leave and raise a family under an overpass

  4. I realize I quit my job due to "hostile work conditions"-the assistant manager of the store I worked at "bullied" me on a daily basis and asked me to change someone's time. I got to the point that I was getting physically sick everyday. My last day of work was at the end of September and now Unemployment informed me that it may be the second week of DECEMBER before a decision is even made on my eligiblility. I have gone throught my savings and have no way to put food on the table. My phone has been shut off and I am wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD TAKES SO LONG!!!!?

  5. i am getting very confused as to why my claim is not being processed yet. i was told to contact the call center and have my claim re activated and did so. so why am i not receiving my benefits. also i changed my pin # NOW THE SYSTEM IS TELLING ME IT IS NOT THE CORRECT PIN# and that my personally chosen passwords are not correct. I, AS MANY PEOPLE, NEED TO TALK TO A LIVE PERSON, NOT A RECORDING THAT APOLOGIZES AND TELLS YOU TO TRY BACK AT A LATER TIME. 20 TO 30 TIMES A DAY TRYING TO GET AHOLD OF THE CONTACT CENTER FOR ANSWERS WHEN THIS TIME COULD BE SPENT LOOKING FOR WORK, AS IS NECESSARY TO DO WEEKLY. IS THIS A POLITICALLY CORRECT WAY TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM GETTING THEIR BENEFITS.

  6. I received a call from Marigold from the center who asked me to call the 800#,BUT again it kept hangin up on me saying too many where ahead of me. I haven't received benefits since the middle of October and now my medical insurance can't be paid and I have no other resource?

    Please advise,913-649-6441
    Reggie Banks, Sr.

  7. i am just wondering am i the only one that did not get there payment for november 13 2009...i dont know why and as with everyone else i cant get through to the call center to tell me why i have been calling nonstop for four days

  8. to all of you.samething here.the time it take thim to do thing is to long.i lost my home that i pay on for 28 years on a 30 year loan.my car i that had 4 payment left on.this happen on all ui benefits.it take sometime 2 mo or more to get it.now we get us gov tier 3 witch went in nov 6 2009.witch say we get 13 week +6.how long will this take 3mo and we will get 1/2 of it to.hope you do not lose your home & car.all you have.

  9. I call the Gov office when i need to talk to them it takes a few hours but they call back. As of mon they have mailet out app yet.

  10. did you hear anything back from the govenor's office about the Tier III applications yet.It is now December 16, 2009 and I just got off the phone with them which is hard to believe I got through and they do not know anything . They say. What have you heard

  11. where is the post i put on here.

  12. I am eligibe for Tier III unemployment extension and have filed. I have had nothing since mid November except a check for a payment they had shorted me on in 2008. Then I got a letter I was overpaid! I was never overpaid. I have asked why we do not have a stub for the amount we pay each week and how much we pay in taxes from it. If we had a stub and we were overpaid, we would know it. Really weird. Now we are waiting for our amounts for November. We are told they will be processed sometime in January! I am going to be evicted for the first time in my life because of this and have no place to go. I am a hard worker, 73 year old woman, and do not know how to live on the streets but guess I better learn. I was working a 50-60 hour week when I became unemployed with no overtime. I am old enough to remember the railroad bums who used to come to my grandmother's door to get fed and feed them she did with the best she had. But people back then did not operate just on the dollar bill. They had a heart and that is something sadly missing in the USA today. The President helped out those who bought homes...doesn't he know that most of the people are renters and there was no help at all? I have an old car and that is fine with me. What I need is a moratorium on rents until we receive our unemployment.

  13. I spent 2 days trying to get through.
    I never did.
    Couldn't they put the "call back later" message towards the begining of the phone call?
    It seems as a waste of time (and tieing up the system) to be entering all that infomation, just to get to the "to many callers" message.
    Hire me I could straighten out allot of the problems.:)

  14. I agree. Doesn't it make sense that if they are so overloaded with unemployed callers that they would EMPLOY some of us to help with the calls?? Seems like a pretty simple resolution to the problem. I have been on unemployment since October 2009 and JUST TODAY received my FIRST payment!! i am almost 12 weeks overdue for payments and fax them EVERY SINGLE DAY a letter about my claim, the paperwork that came with it, and a question on why the hell i have not received anything yet. I am a single mother that does not know how i am going to pay my rent, car pmt, etc...This is incredibly frustrating not to be able to get ahold of an actual person...and on top of that HAVING TO WAIT AT LEAST 10 MINUTES ON HOLD FOR THEM TO EVEN LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE TO CALL BACK! I am ready to drive to Topeka and refuse to leave the department of labor without answers. I have yet to hear back from my many, many faxes. I spend more time and money trying to get through to them than i can on finding a job, which I have applied for at least 15 jobs per day...having a master's degree and no job is crazy..and not being able to get through to the call center is bullshit.

  15. I too am FED UP!! I spend hours, days and WEEKS trying to get through to a real person and only twice was I able to. Was told my claim should go through no probs so, I keep checking the claim status and NOTHING....Filed in Dec. 2009. I'm looking and applying for jobs DAILY (SEVERAL daily). My old 92 car has 200,000 miles and struggles. Lived in KS 28 years and paid taxes. WHAT IS GOING ON??????? They throw us out in the cold. THat's what is going to happen to me. No money for rent, bills or food. HELP. SEnd just a little help to KS from HAITI PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I claimed for the week ending December 26th,they disqualified me because they did not receive my claim until January 5th,but sent the disqualification out after the claim was recieved.It is now January 27th and I have not recieved any money,determination,information,or letter stating why.When and if I get through the contact center no one has information or can direct me to a supervisor.They just tell me to keep filing my claims and wait.This is ridiculous!!!HELP OUR ECONOMY AND HIRE PEOPLE TO REPLACE THE COMPUTERS RECORDINGS AND MAKE THINGS MOVE MORE SMOOTHLY!!!!

  17. Thank Obama for this shit guys!

  18. www.dol.ks.gov/home/html/contact_all.html

    Here's a list of email addresses. Already sent mine in complaining.

  19. I'm another unemployed person who has repeatedly called and never been able to reach a live person. If only they would hire several more clerks to answer phones, that would be several less people they need to pay unemployment benefits to. What is wrong with them???

    I think my employer gave my incorrect SS# for me when paying their UI tax, and now I can't get this straightened out.

    Maybe KDOL figures that if they leave it impossible to call them, they would avoid paying benefits to many who were unemployed through no fault of their own?

  20. where are the REAL people that are supposed to answer the phones when you have questions???? All I ever get is that automated male voice that hangs up on me and I have tried several times throughout the day to reach someone... If your that busy then I think you should probably hire some of the people on unemployment to actually come answer the phones then maybe we would get somewhere....

  21. Tax was paid where is my money

  22. We're supposed to contact the Unemployment Insurance Contact Center if we didn't receive our 1099 Tax Form by Feb. 8. However, as previous posters have noted, after sitting through call trees for nearly 10 minutes, we're disconnected. Plus, there's no way to inquire online. What the hell are we supposed to do in order to get this mandatory tax document?

  23. I worked for Kansas Unemployment, and had heard many times through upper management that their philosophy was, "if we make it hard for people to reach us, they will eventually have to find a job, because they cannot go too long without money."
    The call center that takes unemployment calls has about 15 employees and handles thousands of people. They will not hire another person, and actaully believes they are helping people by making it difficult to get unemployment. I feel bad for anyone on unemployment in Kansas.

  24. Hey Brad where did you see that they only have 15 employees? Wichita's KSN interviewed some lady and she said they had over 90 employees working in the call center. Also, does anyone know if Congress is going to extend the emergencey benefits? I listened to a podcast on their web site that said we might not have anymore. Yikes!

  25. Everybody has the same story but nothing been done about it yet.Dont you people hear the crys for help,but the saying goes I FEEL FOR YOU BUT I CANT REACH YOU.Ant that a bitch.

  26. I know this sound horrific BUT....

    It's no wonder why people like Timothy McVeigh do things like he did in Oklahoma City years ago.

    I have worked my fingers to the BONE for YEARS. I lost my job almost 2 months ago. I have been trying to get unemployment assistance for 2 months.

    -I worked HARD
    -I paid my TAXES
    -I'm not looking for a hand out
    -I was loooking for HELP
    -I have one son... not 10 kids like most lazy N**GERS on unemployment.
    - I WOULD have looked for a job, but instead, I am onhold for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
    - I have now lost my home, my car and I am down to my last $5.

    My life is simply not woth living any longer.

    I am to a point where I am going to find someone to take care of my son. Somewhere I know he will be raised well.

    When I find where to take him, I'm going to kill myself.

    My only decision is whether to take anyone with me and if so... how many...

    IF it happens, just remember... YOU brought it on YOURSELVES.

  27. ^^^^ Off your self now

  28. i need a new card

  29. In defense of Brad, I worked for the UI call center 1999-2000 at that time thre were 3 calls centers in Wichita, Topeka, and KC. After I elft they closed Wichita and KC and everybody works in TOpeka now. I am so thankful that I have a job. My fiance' just got one last week. The people there are on 3 teams, initial, inquiry, and determinations. Initial team is mostly new hires, inquiry folks have been around for a while, and determinations folks have more experience and decide whether or not you get your benefits if you have anissue that needs to be resolved. TO the lady who talked about being bullied at work and getting physically sick, I called my old manager when that happened to me that worked there and she told me to get a letter from my doc that I needed to quit. I did and I did get my benefits, which upset my former employer in 2005. I agree they need to hire more people but unfortunately with the state in the mess it is, looks for more layoffs to occur there.

  30. I have been on unemployment for 1 year and I learned about a month ago that I am not eligable for the extention I dont understand why and what is this recent extetion even for and does it help the 99 weekers. I have been trying for the past few days to get ahold of the UI center to ask questions since they wont answer any emails or faxes and they have changed their phone system does anyone have a better phone number that I can call.

  31. @Angie Urquhart- I feel you completely. I was getting benefits as of a week ago, then all of the sudden I get a letter saying my year was up and I have nothing. Now I cant call and talk to anyone...let's hope someone answers my online question in 72 hours...Just a mess!

  32. I would like to remind everyone here that may be getting extended benefits, tier 1. MAKE SURE to send in the work search every week. When i originally called and applied for extended benefits and went to the workforce center etc.. I called and spoke to a woman with the dept of labor who told me "not to worry".. We will mail you the forms and once you get them just fill them out and mail them back in.".. Like an idiot i listened. I waited assuming i was waiting for something in the mail, nothing had came yet and then i was suspended for not mailing in the worksearch. Shocked i called and was told every time you file a claim you must submit the work search. Luckily I had kept a record of all of the jobs so she stated just to email them all and i should have my benefits back no later then this week. Guess what? Never came. Three weeks without a payment, getting evicted, no food, no prospects for a job and of course NO WAY to get ahold of anyone at UE.. I have called for three days straight every ten minutes only to hear the recording that the lines are full and to be hung up on. The way they do things is sickening.

  33. Heres a thought! With all of the people out of work and the UE call center completely and utterly understaffed.. Why not HIRE SOME PEOPLE!!! It is disgusting to call to try and get ahold of someone for a week only to be hung up on everytime "due to call volume" and thats when your lucky enough to call when the numbers working.