www.Mandspeoplesystem.com - Marks and Spencer Employee Benefits Service Online

If you're a valid employee of Marks and Spencer, you can go to www.Mandspeoplesystem.com to check your payslip online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To access the system, you should get your username and password from your HR manager first. Once you logged successfully, you can get your payslip and other benefits information.

Need help about the system, please call Marks and Spencer Employee Benefits phone number at 0800 0482 737!


  1. this entire setup for staff to check their payslips online when ever they want is an absolute joke no one can get online as the system wont let them, it wont accept their passwords when at home only in work, yet again another hairbrained idea from marks and spencers they never think things through at all this has been going on for months and they still havent done anything about it its such an unorganised company and their priorities are all in the wrong places especially with their staff

    1. Totally agree. There is always problems trying to access pay slips. If you have any problems with incorrect pay it takes forever to sort it out, and explanations of why you are underpaid don't make sense!

    2. That's cause its cheap and crap

  2. Totally agree,when the system will let me in ..which isn't very often ,it won't let me look at my payslips,will let me look at my holidays but won't let me book any.